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Stephanie Sullivan

Dream Town Realty

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Why Zenlist?

Zenlist is an invitation-only, collaborative platform built to make your home search a bit more zen.

Save searches and listings with your agent & co-buyers

Discover properties together by saving searches & sharing listings. Make your home search more efficient with everything in one place.

Easily collaborate and plan your next steps

Leave notes and chat with your agent & co-buyers about a specific listing, search needs, and everything in between.

Tour with ease

Easily request tours. Your agent will set them up in no time and you'll be that much closer to the home of your dreams.

The system is easy for both brokers and clients to use as one making it different from everything else out there. Giving clients the ability to update the search opens a new way to collaborate and find the right properties!

Trevor H., Agent, @properties

Likely to recommend to another agent: 10/10

1. The ability to share notes in real-time with my clients. 2. The link to ShowingTime and map functionality on the tour summary will save me a lot of time! I was having to send client emails of the tour itineraries separately and load addresses into my Google calendar for Mapping purposes during the tour.

Michael K., Agent, Jameson Sotheby’s

Likely to recommend to another agent: 10/10

I am SO glad to have Zenlist. It helps me convert leads and takes the pressure off of watching the private listings for them. I seriously LOVE it. Thank you!

Lindsey P, Agent, @properties

Likely to recommend to another agent: 10/10