Home Inspection – Chicago Home Buyers Guide | Zenlist

How Much Does a Home Inspection Cost? Home inspection costs are generally based on square footage of the property in question. The national average for a 2,000 square foot home is $324, though it ranges anywhere from $277 to $388 depending on the market....

What Does Contingent Mean In Real Estate? – Real Estate Market Guides | Zenlist

What does contingent mean? In real-estate contingent means the seller has accepted a purchase offer, but the sale is contingent upon certain conditions which have to be met. In the real estate world, contingency clauses – also referred to simply as...

Days on Market (DOM) – Real Estate Market Guides | Zenlist

Days on Market is the age of a real estate listing. It’s how many days the specific home listing you’re looking at has been up and active on market. If you’ve ever looked at an online home listing, or more in general at the real estate market, you’ve...

Chicago Real Estate Market Sales | 2017-2018 Zenlist

Every city has its own unique real estate market, and Chicago is no different. We took a look at the last few months of data and found some pretty interesting changes going on in the Windy City – even some that buck national trends. From a surplus of...

Chicago Real Estate Market 2018

We’ve analyzed the last year of local real estate sales, and here’s what 2017 taught us…

When Should I Use The Median Home Price vs Average Home Price? – Real Estate Market Guides | Zenlist

When To Use The Median Home Price? When To Use The Average Home Price? Both median home price and average home price are pulled from the same set of numbers, but the two are usually very different – both in number and meaning. While median represents the...

What Is The Median Home Price – Real Estate Market Guides | Zenlist

The median home price is the price in the middle of the dataset when you arrange all the home prices from low to high.

Chicago’s Millennium Park

While there are many of reasons to visit Chicago’s Millennium Park at any time of the year, here are some highlights to keep in mind when you visit it.

MRED Private Listing Network (PLN) FAQ’S – Chicago Real Estate | Zenlist

A Private Listing Network (PLN) is a separate database where you can place “mini-drafts”
of property information for those listings you choose to put in the PLN. This allows you to enter your new listings where limited information is shared BEFORE exposing them to the public.

New Tax Reform Hits Some Chicago Real Estate Home Buyers & Sellers Hard

New Tax Reform VS Chicago Real-Estate: For some owners, taxes will go up, and home equity will go down Many buyers may feel the impact too.