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Chicago's best neighborhood center

The Best Neighborhoods in Chicago

The 5 Hottest Neighborhoods in Chicago

Chicago is known as the city of neighborhoods and for a good reason – with 77 distinct communities and over 200 “unofficial” neighborhoods, anyone can find a place to fit their personality and style. When you looking for the best neighborhoods in Chicago make sure to check out these ‘5 ‘hoods’.

Chicago best neighborhoods lincoln

Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park is one of the largest neighborhoods and is situated in the city center. If you need a place that is close to everything but still leaves you with a bit of separation from the busy city life, Lincoln Park can deliver.

You have condos, apartments, and housing options to choose from. Take a short train ride and you will be in the Downtown, which is near the Central Business District. Your ride to work will be short and pleasant. Aside from work, Lincoln Park is loaded with restaurants, parks, and entertainment facilities. You will also have an easy access to North Avenue Beach.

Armitage Avenue is lined with high-end retailers and boutiques. Clark Street offers casual cafes, sweet shops, and ethnic restaurants. Lincoln Avenue buzzes with nightclubs, bars, and taverns that cater to the younger crowd from the nearby University. In addition to some nice dining and shopping, there are plenty of arts and entertainment destinations as well as theaters, museums and live music clubs from which to choose.

If you prefer green space, there is a lot of outdoors and natural beauty to enjoy. The North Side Park features over 1,200 acres of greenery with a free zoo, a conservatory, and a nature museum. And when the weather is good, you can head to the beaches, where surf and sand are set against skyscrapers.

Chicago best neighborhoods hyde

Hyde Park

Hyde Park has amazing educational opportunities with different private and public schools for students and the University of Chicago nearby. The median home prices here are a bit above the average and most of them are mansions and stately homes.

As a college neighborhood, there are several libraries and bookstores in Hyde Park. There are also plenty of entertainment areas managed by the University, such as a theater, athletics, and other offerings. In addition, the food is amazing in Chicago and you will be able to try it in some of the best restaurants and cafes in the city.

Chicago best neighborhoods edison

Edison Park

Edison Park has some of the lowest crime rates in the city and it’s perfect for families who are looking for houses for sale in Chicago. There are both expensive and inexpensive condos and single-family dwellings in the area with various floor plans, square footage, and age and the choice is entirely up to you.

Edison Park is known as one of the quietest and most peaceful neighborhoods in Chicago and the park itself is the center for lots of entertainment and activities in the area. Families with children can take art classes and there are outdoor and indoor activities for children of all ages year-round.

Manicured lanes accommodate beautiful homes with Georgian architecture, Cape Cod, English Tudor, and brick-style. In addition, commercial corridors are spread throughout the neighborhood with several options for dining, shopping, and many other convenient services.

It has the feel of a countryside. It is very family oriented and the Chicago River slowly sprawls along Sauganash and provides a sense of peace and calmness. It’s one of the main reasons why people live here. The neighborhood is easily accessible to areas such as Wrigleyville, which has a lot to offer, but Edison Park also has bars and family restaurants for an evening out with children or for a date night for adults.

Chicago best neighborhoods sauganash

Sauganash / Forest Glen

This neighborhood gets high safety ratings as well, probably because there is a police station right in the center of the neighborhood. It offers good schools, too. Sauganash Elementary, for example, is one of the best schools in the city.

It is one of the most affluent neighborhoods and the prices are a bit more than the average. This neighborhood is loved by families with children and adults who choose calmness in a busy city.

In contrast to other neighborhoods, this is a quiet area and life there is slow-paced. Some prefer to travel to the city center for shopping, dining, and entertainment, but there are churches and golf courses in the area to keep your weekends busy.

Chicago best neighborhoods beverly


Chicago residents can tell you that Beverly is one of the most popular places to live in the city because it is one of those rare places that have a small town feel. It is totally safe and there are plenty of things to do for both children and adults. It is located in the city center and you might think it has high crime ratings but Beverly actually has an A-grade, which is pretty impressive.

Beverly has plenty of public and private schools to choose from. With Ridge Academy, St. Barnabas School, and Beverly Montessori, it’s obvious why families choose this neighborhood. For the same reason, homes are more expensive here than the national average. Anyway, even though homes are expensive in Beverly, it gets the highest rating for housing because the quality of homes is unbeatable.

Many homes offer more square footage, especially newly constructed homes. If you prefer older homes, there are a lot to choose from and they have splendid architecture. As you would expect, older homes usually have a character and a story.

Beverly has a lot to offer when it comes to entertainment and amenities as well. There are Frank Lloyd Wright homes in the area. Along with high-end shopping and restaurants, there are art galleries, historic districts, parks, an arts center, and a forest preserve.

Whether this article about the best neighborhoods in Chicago has encouraged your family to move to the city or you were browsing through houses for sale in Chicago, you have 5 safe neighborhoods with good schools, affordable housing, and convenient access to amenities such as entertainment, dining, and shopping. Essentially, they are the best in Chicago and can fulfill anyone’s need.

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